Amy Winehouse after hearing she has just won her first Grammy (2008)

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U know how in winter it gets so cold and u think u will never be hot again and in summer it gets so hot u think u will never be cold again I think that is how it is with ur feelings like when u r sad u think u will never be happy and when u r happy u think u will never be sad. But u will be hot again and u will be cold again and u will be sad again but most of all u will be happy again

This is one of the best things I’ve read in ages.

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"Words are powerful things. They can break hearts and get panties wet."

"I’m sorry that I’m both your umbrella and the rain."


okay so if harry potter was born in 1980, and went to hogwarts in like 91, that means he was in his sixth year in 1996
do you think he knew about the spice girls? i mean.. i know he had shit going on with horcruxes that year but wannabe isn’t something that happens without you taking note of it

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I need you. 
It’s no longer a desire. 
It’s a necessity.
(19 July 2014)